English Civil War Theatre Projects

I’m working with Keeper’s Daughter Theatre Company and Play Nicely Theatre Company on the Arts Council funded Research & Development of two new plays. Volunteers in the Huntingdon area are gathering information that will be used to inspire and create new scripts which will explore different aspects of The English Civil War.

Writer Mark Finbow said: “The research collated by the community research group will feed into the creation of two new scripts which will then be taken forward into rehearsed readings at The Key Theatre in Peterborough.”

The first play will explore the assassination attempts on Oliver Cromwell focusing on Edward Sexby and members of the Miles Sindercombe Group.

The second play will explore the fascinating lives of women who dressed as men in order to fight on the frontline during the English Civil War and highlight women’s roles in society during this time of conflict.
To find out more about the projects contact Mark Finbow at

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