I am an independent Creative Practitioner working with a range of arts and heritage organisations and individual artists (see current projects). Based in the East of England, I have over fifteen years experience working in arts marketing & PR, audience development, community engagement, producing and fundraising. I have worked with the following theatre companies: Eastern Angles, New Wolsey Theatre, Red Rose Chain and Stuff of Dreams. I have also worked as a journalist and as a freelance copywriter. I am currently employed by Eastern Angles as a freelance Creative Producer.

Recent credits:The Black Madonna Speaks‘ R&D – Nicola Werenowska 2022 (Producer); ‘Our White Skoda Octavia‘ – Full Production/Eastern Angles in assoc. with ECDP & Derby Theatre (toured 6th Oct -6th Nov 2021 (Creative Producer); ‘Guncotton’ R&D – Stow & Tell project 2021 (Producer); Beneath The Banner R&D – Up The Road Theatre Company 2021 (Associate Producer); Sheelagh R&D – Zoë Wells 2021 (Producer); Tamed Virtual Chorus R&D – Flight of the Escales 2021 (Producer); ‘Booming Voices‘ R&D for Eastern Angles, 2020 (Producer); ‘Footsteps’ by Martha Loader – audio trail, 2020 (Producer); ‘Satellites’ by Natalie Songer – R&D sharings, 2019 (Producer); ‘English Civil Whore‘ Play Nicely Theatre Co – R&D sharing, 2019 (Marketing); ‘The Numerous & Varied Assassinations of Oliver Cromwell’ Keeper’s Daughter Theatre Co, 2019 – R&D sharing (Marketing); ‘Our White Skoda Octavia’ by Shamser Sinha – R&D sharings, 2019 (Producer); ‘The Famous Four and a Half go wild in Thetford Forest’ Eastern Angles – 2019 (Script Contributor); ‘Edith in the Beginning’ Stuff of Dreams Theatre Co – full production 2019 (Producer); ‘An Honest Gentleman’ Stuff of Dreams Theatre Co – rural tour, 2019 (Producer); ‘The Mystery of the Raddlesham Mumps’ Matthew Linley Creative Projects/Action Transport Theatre – two national tours, 2019 (Marketing & PR); ‘Footsteps’ by Martha Loader – six Ipswich Town centre promenade performances, 2018 (Producer).